Arc en ciel BORA BORA


Champagne & Pearls Party

For a minimum of 15 guests.
Learn how Arc en Ciel oysters are groomed and how the Tahitian black pearls are produced.
Learn more about the different shapes and quality of Black pearls.
Discover how to choose the perfect pearls for yourself or for someone special.
The Party includes Exclusive Roundtrip Ferry Service from your resort to the Arc en Ciel boutique on the main island of Bora Bora.
Upon arrival at the boutique you will receive a special Welcome Gift and enjoy Champagne, soft drinks and punch.

A welcome gift for everyone from our pearl farm!

A Pinctada Margaritifera oyster shell from our family’s pearl farm awaits you in the boutique.

New Boutique opened on July 1st 2013

After 5 years, on the 1st of July we opened our new shop.

Our cruise ship experience

My many years of experience representing the Tahitian pearl aboard luxury cruise liners has allowed me to encounter some exceptional people whilst at the same time, publicising the « Pearl of the Pacific “.

At every cruise ship arrival, my representative will be ready to greet you on the docks from 9a.m. it’s just a 5 minute drive to our shop from the dock, the transfer there and back, is of course, free of charge.
Even if you are only here for a day don’t miss out on the wonders of Arc en Ciel Boutique, Bora Bora

Our Charitable works

It’s our pleasure to help the less fortunate and bring happiness through our creations.